Corporate Services

Corporate Document Preparation and Filing

With decades of experience, our corporate service experts are here to take care of all of your filing needs. We have connections in place in each state to file and retrieve your documents in the most efficient manner. From incorporating your new company to handling your ongoing compliance requirements, from complex mergers to dissolutions, we can do it all. Don’t get bogged down with all of the paperwork and ever-changing state requirements. Let us do our job so you can get back to doing yours!

Incorporation / Organization
Qualification / Registration
Merger / Post-Merger
Tax Clearance
Pre-Clearance of filings
Fictitious / Assumed Business Names
Publication / Recording associated with filing
Name Registration
Name Reservation
Name Approval / License Consent Services

Document Retrievals:
Good Standing / Certificate of Existence
Certified Copies
International Good Standing / Certified Copy

Name Services:
Bring-Down Good Standing Letter
Name Availability Check
Status Check
Information Check

Corporate Materials

URS can provide corporate kits, stock certificates, or corporate seals. We offer a blank kit where you provide the corporate minutes or LLC operating agreements.

There are many kits available so please call us to place an order at 800.567.4397.

If we receive your order by 3:00 pm EST, you will receive your kit in between 24-48 hours (business days).

Annual Report Compliance

Annual Registration Management Service (ARMS) is a complete outsourced management solution for your Annual Reports. We handle everything, so you can focus on business demands. Since the states began requiring the filing of annual reports, someone at each company has always been responsible for this annual procedure. Over the years, due dates have changed, forms have changed, and the filing procedures have changed as each state is different. This has meant more employee time and effort spent keeping up with each state and the changes. It has become an expensive and cumbersome problem for many companies especially public ones who are required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley disclosures. Our Annual Report Service provides a Management Solution for a company to reduce internal expenses and outsource inefficiency. Our Annual Report Service manages the entire process, very little customer time is required and employees are available to work on more pressing and important matters.

Annual Report Management Services (ARMS)

Our Annual Report Service includes a free status check on every company we bring into our service. We check every state in which each company is authorized to do business and if any annual reports are found to be missing, we immediately determine the nature of the deficiency and obtain whatever is necessary to bring the company back into compliance.

BOI Reporting Compliance

Our BOI Comply service helps you meet Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reporting requirements. We guide you through the process and ensure you comply with the Corporate Transparency Act. Does My Company Need to File a BOI Report?

Charitable Registrations

Through our Charitable Registration Management Services (CRMS), we assist nonprofit organizations with the entire Charitable Solicitation Registration process. We first determine what states our clients should be registered in by performing a complimentary status check. We then handle the entire registration process, which entails obtaining, preparing, and filing the necessary forms, tracking and confirming the filings, and advancing all state fees. If extension requests are necessary due to an incomplete IRS Form 990, we will handle that as well. We store copies of all filed documents on our secure database which our clients can access at any time. We will also track and file all subsequent renewals.

Contact us today to speak with one of our professional compliance experts. Find out how you can save valuable time and resources by putting CRMS to work for your organization!

Independent Director / Independent Manager Services

Do you have a closing that requires a prompt agreement turn-around to meet your deadline? Trust that URS Agents has the knowledge to get the job done! Our Independent Directors Service Team has the experience to help provide a turn-key solution for your critical financial transactions.

Call us today or click here to speak with one of our Independent Director Representatives.

International Corporate Services

Within our family of companies, Paranet Corporation Services, Inc. handles international service work for some of the largest companies in the world. Paranet's services include legalizations, authentications, and apostilles in most all international jurisdictions.

Please contact us to discuss information on specific jurisdictions. While procedures and timeframes vary by country, we are often able to expedite work through the Consulate offices.

Uniform Commercial Code

Do you need to enquire about a Debtor before a financial transaction? Along with our network of experienced abstractors and great team of service specialists, we provide accurate and timely UCC/Lien searches in Domestic and International locations. Comprehensive searches for financial transactions are our strength. Trust us to deliver accurate results!


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